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NSET captures data and generates comprehensive reports that provide a unique at-a-glance view of students' academic performance within the Response to Intervention methodology. The tools provide visual displays of data to enable teachers, administrators, and parents to make real-time strategic decisions for students' optimal learning needs. Used in conjunction with RtI's three-tier intervention methodology, NSET propels data guiding teaching and learning to it's potential.
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Based on the standards set forth by Marie Clay, who developed the Reading Recovery intervention program, graphs are designed and further developed by leading Literacy Coordinators and teachers for instant and a standardized illustration to assess students’ performance
Dynamic, easy-to-read graphs show more data on a single page than other’s do in 5-10 pages; intuitively displaying scores, test dates, interventions, and student behavioral or personal events to instantly pinpoint strengths and weaknesses
Time-series graphs depict trend-lines in relation to the date of a specific individualized intervention to demonstrate when and how a student is responding
Graphs include the range of comparative test scoring methods students are scored by including Fountas & Pinnel, Grade Level, Reading Recovery, as well as how they match up against the averages, standards, means from the district to national levels to insure adequate yearly progress at all times
NSET drastically reduces time and cost of monitoring students by automating a laborious data gathering and reporting process creating immediate evaluations and earlier interventions, allowing you to focus your time on teaching
Our leading edge web-based delivers more accurate and more timely data to allow teachers, administrators and parents to work effectively together in making strategic decisions based on the students’ needs without delay

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