Success Stories

Read first-hand accounts of how North Star Educational Tools has successfully helped young students achieve their true potential by implementing the Response to Intevention model and get a glance of the true benefits of this educational approach.

Change in Special Ed Numbers
Lincoln School Brainerd MN, 1999-2005
Lincoln School is just one of many schools who have experience success with it's Literacy Collaborative Response to Intervention Model. Within this 6 year span, Learning Disability numbers dropped 66%. This is remarkable considering that 64% of the student body is from a poverty income level. Lincoln has also been able to discontinue all of it's Developmentally Delayed Kindergartners from Special Education. During this time period, Lincoln received a larger population of at risk students each year. Even though the students' entry level data continued to lower, the exit data from Lincoln continued to soar higher each year due to implementing this effective Response to Intervention Model.

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